Beyond the horizon
The subset “Beyond the Horizon” presents health technologies in different phases of research and development substantially before their market authorisation. They were submitted to MedInvest Scanner by scientists, inventors or start-ups willing to attract potential investors’ attention. Information on these technologies may also have been found independently by M.I.S. staff. The Beyond the Horizon area (BH) contains technologies which are not ranked due to limited evidence.

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Check ID Name Manufacturer/Inventor Intervention Indication
B/15/07/392 Synthetic immune organ
Cornell University
Synthetic immune organ that produces antibodies  Multiple indications 
B/15/07/390 ITCA 650 Implanted device to continuous subcutaneous delivery of exenatide Type 2 diabetes mellitus
B/15/07/389 Nano polymers to prevent bone infections Applying small quantities of antibiotic to the surface of medical devices Osteomyelitis
B/15/07/388 Cytosorb Sorbent hemoadsorption device for cytokine removal Sepsis
B/15/07/387 Intranasal glucagon Intranasal, needle-free form of glucagon delivery Type 1 diabetes mellitus
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