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Due diligence plays a significant role in the assessment of an enterprise or technology before it is taken over or invested in. There are many aspects to be taken into account. Value analysis of company products and patents is believed to be the most important. This must be conducted by specialists in health technology assessment, as the evaluation of the potential to achieve reimbursement and premium price directly corresponds with the portfolio of a company to be invested in.

There are many consultancies on the market which provide due diligence services. Are you however, sure that they have an in-depth knowledge which will enable them to correctly assess the value of the products to be acquired? Many certainly can assess management and financial flows but what about true value of patents for new, innovative technologies owned by the company?

MedInvest Scanner can help investors to assess the innovativeness of health technologies which you may already own. Also we will be happy to cooperate and collaborate with consulting companies dealing with due diligence.

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