MedInvest Scanner is the creator of the innovative non-drug medical products database. M.I.S. constantly updates information about disruptive, innovative health technologies which have prospects of progress into the health care market.
Our staff:

  • follows up medical devices debuting on the world’s markets,
  • screens range of regulatory bodies’ decisions and clinical trials databases,
  • attends conferences on innovations in medicine around the word.

We do that to map innovative solutions in order to inform your investment decision-making. Whereas there is much hype, only some of medical technologies deserve the name of innovation. Mapping can save your time and browse through only innovative medical products as assessed due to EBM & HTA criteria.

You will find many of the world’s cutting edge medical devices which deserve investors’ attention. Technologies are presented in standardised, clear format according to the disease area. On the MedInvest Scanner website you can gain free of charge access to an example discipline containing innovative health technologies. Following this free trial you have the opportunity to buy access to additional medical fields.

You can get access to the mapping by filling in the form available on our website or contacting our team directly.

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Check ID Name Manufacturer Intervention Indication
M/15/09/1212 Rhinix
Nasal filter Allergic rhinitis
M/15/09/1211 Eyes-On Glasses
Evena Medical
Wearable system for real-time vascular imaging Intravenous access
M/15/09/1210 SONIMAGE P3 (SignosRT Handheld Ultrasound, SpeqRT)
KONICA MINOLTA, INC. (Signostics Ltd.)
Ultrasound imaging system Multiple indications - ultrasound imaging
M/15/09/1209 ND0612L
NeuroDerm Ltd.
Levodopa/ carbidopa for subcutaneous infusion Parkinson's disease
M/15/09/1208 NeoChord DS1000
NeoChord Inc.
Minimally invasive mitral valve repair system Significant symptomatic mitral valve insufficiency
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