MedInvest Scanner has created a database of innovative medical technologies. All of these technologies have been ranked according to a set of criteria based on epidemiology, health technology assessment, evidence-based practice standards and others. A higher value of ranking points assigned to a particular technology indicates greater attractiveness relative to other technologies on the market.

To derive our ranking score, we assess domains such as:

  • impact on public health
  • impact on individual patient’s health
  • efficacy & safety
  • incremental cost-effectiveness
  • marketing potential and
  • other based on scientific evidence,

as compared with alternatives currently available or most commonly used in health care.

The ranking of MedInvest Scanner provides you with a quick and easy-to-use tool which will broaden your knowledge surrounding the existing competitive landscape. The ranking can substantially reduce your investment risk, even to the level of 30-40% and provides support in the investment targeting of given health technologies with the highest potential. Through the MedInvest Scanner website we provide free of charge access to a typical discipline containing ranking of innovative health technologies. Following this free trial you may subscribe to additional medical fields.
M.I.S. ranking area consists also of the following sections:

  • Top 25,
  • Beyond the Horizon,
  • Not Recommended, and
  • Stock.

The subset “Beyond the Horizon” presents health technologies in different phases of research and development substantially before their market authorisation. They were submitted to MedInvest Scanner by scientists, inventors or start-ups willing to attract potential investors’ attention. Information on these technologies may also have been found independently by M.I.S. staff. The Beyond the Horizon area (BH) contains technologies which are not ranked due to limited evidence.

The subset “Not Recommended” contains health technologies which, in the view of MedInvest Scanner, have limited potential to replace or compete effectively with current standards of care. Each technology included in this section has been carefully evaluated on the merits of its available scientific evidence, and the reasoning behind the Not Recommended label are provided. These reasons may include low efficacy, poor cost-effectiveness, unfavourable competitive landscape or other factors, making them less attractive as investment opportunities.

The subset “Top 25” presents the most attractive health technologies which have been identified and ranked out of all disciplines in the M.I.S. ranking database. Top 25 health technologies received the highest scores in rankings and therefore M.I.S. considers them to have the highest potential for return on investment.

The tool “Stock” will enable users to browse through all disciplines they have access to and sort out ranked health technologies by company name and the relative stock ticker symbol. This tool may be useful when looking for potential market investments.

You can gain access to the ranking in a field of your interest or to the whole ranking database by filling in the form available on the MedInvest Scanner website or by contacting our team directly. As a client of M.I.S one can get access to the subsets by subscribing to Rankings on MedInvest scanner website.

Count of all records in M.I.S. database 1,201

Count of all records in specialities

Count of records in Ranking 496

Count of records in specialities

Sum of points in Ranking 2,069,277

Sum of points in specialities

Average of points in Ranking 4,172

Average of points in specialities

Example of M.I.S. Ranking records Log in or register to get full access.
Check Points ID Name Manufacturer Intervention Indication
3910 R/15/09/3633 / M/15/09/1151 Smartphone application Mental illness
3480 R/15/08/3018 / M/15/08/948 miraclefeet brace Orthopedic brace Clubfoot
3475 R/15/08/3028 / M/15/08/952 ArmeoBoom Arm-hand robot Hand impairment after stroke
4150 R/15/09/3636 / M/15/09/1150 Valiant Captivia Thoracic stent graft with the delivery system  Thoracic aortic aneurysm
3785 R/15/09/3639 / M/15/09/1146 SVOne iPhone-based vision testing device Refraction test
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Short report of competitive space (SRCS) SRCS – a brief report pertaining to a competitive market segment for a particular health technology or a group of health technologies, based on the M.I.S. database, including an overview of competitive technologies entered into the M.I.S. database and their place in the Ranking as compared to the health technology which is the subject of the ordered SRCS. Detailed conditions, including the anticipated subject and scope of the report are each time determined by the Parties in a separate written agreement. SRCS costs 3,000 USD*. Click to order
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